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Carry your rifle HANDS FREE. The Rifle Sling Saddle Pouch offers an amazing solution to a common problem all hunters struggle with. In addtion to our Innovative shoulder clip, the pouch allows you to holds up to 12 rifle shells, and shore other items such as a GPS, range finder, etc. It Saddle's your gun so it doesn't swinging forward.


This is a very sturdy rifle sling holder.Do you pack your rifle away for a completely hands free hike or keep it handy for when you need it in a hurry? The Shoulder clip easily attaches to your backpack shoulder strap, is fully adjustable and very easy to use. Simply pull it out of the packaging and put it to your favorite pack shoulder strap.


Our high-quality shoulder clip will last for years to come. No matter what sling or pack you use, the Rifle Sling Saddle is your solution. No more worrying whether the hook will fit your individual sling or your pack. It is the most versatile Rifle Sling Holder available. With the Rifle Sling Saddle, you are always prepared and can pull your rifle out and shoot quickly! Once you try the Rifle Sling Saddle, you will never want to be in the field without it. Many hunters will purchase multiple so that they have them for their family and all their packs.


The simplicity and convenience of the Rifle Sling Saddle make it a must have sporting good product. You will love this hunting accessory, it's versatile, simple, and lightweight.


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Right or Left Shoulder Carry
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Customers Say It Best

"[The Sling Saddle is a] Great product! I put it on my pack and even did jumping jacks. My rifle stayed put."

- Bronko Jess Phillips

"Picked up [my Sling Saddle] set at the expo! Awesome product and you can't beat how great the people are. Thank you!!"

- Eric Marsing

"I have a Remington 700 long range rifle 26 inch heavy barrel, bi-pod, sniper bag, cheek pad with a muzzle break and a Night Force NXS scope. It is pretty heavy (13 lbs.) and packing it around on an elk hunt gets old fast. This worked well and my hands were free to swing back and forth as I hiked. We were in some pretty steep terrain and it did a good job of keeping my rifle in place."

- JH

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