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Experience Hands Free Rifle Carry

For anyone who has ever carried a gun over their shoulder, you already know the problem. Keeping your gun on your shoulder is all too difficult and annoying. The rifle sling was created to make it easier to carry your Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzleloader, etc...


Unfortunately keeping the sling on your shoulder typically requires 1 or both hands. For those of you who like to hunt you know having your hands free, is invaluable and the last thing you want to worry about is dropping your gun. This is why we created the Sling Saddle. It delivers the handsfree experience you always expected from your rifle sling, but that you never had until now!



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The Sling Saddle is a 2 part system (shoulder clip & waist clip w/ Pouch) that delivers the hands free hunting experiences you've always wanted.

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The shoulder clip easily attaches to your backpack or hydration pack strap. When installed on your pack it prevents your sling from sliding off your shoulder.

The waist clip easily attaches to your belt and is secured to your waist. It helps to prevent your gun from swinging around while you are hiking around.  

Together the shoulder clip and waist pouch with clip deliver an unrivaled hands free experience.  Your gun is both secure, and readily accessible when you need it most. The Waist clip is attached to a pouch that also provides you additional storage space to help you carry additional items, and keep them accessible.

Check out our video below to see the Sling Saddle in action.

What's Included

(The Sling Saddle Combo)

  • 1 Backpack Shoulder Clip

  • 1 Waist Pouch With Clip

  • optional storage for a cell phone, range finder, etc.

  • Space for up to 14 rounds of ammunition

  • Hands free hunting

(not to mention you'll be in a better mood at the end of your hunt)

Are you ready to be hands free?

Pick up a Sling Saddle Today!

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